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Do you own Lounsbury Life & Group Insurance?

74 Market Street, Georgetown, ON L7G 3C6, Canada

  (289) 891-7816


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Upon being presented with a bit of a family crisis I had consulted Doug Lounsbury to evaluate our options. I am a small business owner whom, in the past, required some life insurance to secure a business loan with which Doug had helped to facilitate. Doug is very solution orientated. He looks at a situation as a whole which was well beyond the scope of my narrow view point. Ultimately, Doug had proposed a group insurance plan for my office. This would resolve some our our concerns arising from our 'issue' while at the same time providing insurance and extended health care benefits to my team. Our staff is exceptionally happy now with their new benefits and I am now a more competitive employer. I had always expected 'benefits' to be quite costly but the plan proposed by Doug was quite economical. Doug never pushed 'options' or 'extras' onto our plan but rather made recommendations based upon our need and his experience. There doesn't seem to be a problem too big or too small for Doug to solve. Basically, he is your man for BENEFITS...

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Lounsbury Life & Group Insurance

74 Market Street, Georgetown, ON L7G 3C6, Canada
(289) 891-7816

Lounsbury Life & Group Insurance

8 Guelph St, Georgetown, ON L7G 3Y9, Canada
(289) 891-7816